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Some Basic Tips for Morocco Visitors

Morocco hospitality

         Some Basic Tips for Morocco Visitors

When planning to visit a country, you had better get some information beforehand or get some tips that can help you spend a memorable holidays. Here are some about Morocco.

Various info:

-Continent: Africa

-Capital city: Rabat

Currency: Dirham
-National Day: July 30 (Day of the Throne).
-Timezone: GTM +1
-from All over the world: (00212)
-Official language: Arabic and Berber ( Tamazight lanoguage).

-Big cities: Rabat- Casablanca-Marrakech- Fez- Meknes-Agadir- Tangier Essaouira.

– Famous Sites: Chefchaouen- Merzouga desert- Ouzoud waterfall- Ourika waterfall- Ait benhaddou Kasbah – Zagora desert- Todgha gorges– Ziz Valley.


– Mint tea is famous in Morocco. They drink it very hot and sweet.
– Coffee is served as in other countries, espresso is common.
– milk is less common, cocoa also.

-The water is on average quality: you had better drink bottled water.


In all the southern part, inhabited by Berbers, the traditional dish is Tagine. There are many varieties of this dish: sheep, beef, veal, dumplings (Kefta), egg, chicken, fish, with lemons, olives, onions, figs or vegetables, as well as tagines with vegetables only.

Couscous is no longer a common dish in the north and west of Morocco. Although the couscous is of Berber origin, it is less served in the east, except the semolina that sometimes accompanies the tagine. The bread is excellent, in the form of a fairly flat round. It is always proposed with tagine. Moroccan salad is made with tomatoes and chopped onions. You can eat without fear.

The pigeon pastilla is a popular dish in Marrakech. It is an aumonière with very thin puff pastry, such as brick, stuffed with pigeon and almonds, and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It’s a bit sweet, but the bill is somehow salty. Don’t worry !!! …
It is delicious !!! There are also chicken. they are cheaper.


You can find everything in the big cities, but in the countryside don’t expect too much. If you are going to the South, plan some useful gifts for the kids colored pencils, ballpoint pens, notebooks …
-You can also bring Paracetamol for adults, but if you are asked, it is sometimes to link conversation and invite you to visit their shop.
-Internet: there is accesss to internet in most hotels.

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