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Why Should You Travel?

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Why Should You Travel?


         undoubtedly, travelling is one of the mysterious sides of human lives, people tend to travel for many reasons: trade, security, food, and work. In general, travelling generates many benefits to name but a few:

  • Consolidation of social relations:

         A US survey has shown that sharing the experience of travel with another person contributes greatly to strengthen the relationship between the two. It’s also proved that traveling with the life partner influences the relationship positively in the long term. it strengthens it by sharing the same goals, interests and experiences. Travelling is also an opportunity for you to see relatives and friends who have long been sighted.

  •  spending a period of recuperation and recreation:

          Being busy is a human characteristic . Routine travel is a refuge from the pressures of everyday life and helps decreasing Tension and control it as  the person spends a full time of rest and recreation. Among the benefits of physical and psychological travel it enhances the sense of happiness; it leads to low level of cortisol in the body, which makes the person calm and satisfied.

  • Reducing frustration:

            Travel is a good treatment for frustration and a substitute for antidepressant drugs, according to the results of a range of research. Another study in Wisconsin found that women who travel once every two years are more likely to be frustrated and stressed more than those who travel at least twice a year.

  • Going through new experiences:

            A person goes through new experiences when traveling. He /she expands his horizons. Add to that the opportunity one gets to mix and learn from diverse cultures. this  would let him or her develops on both personal and social levels. In addition, the individual enhances his or her creative sense. Thus, identifying and exploring new places and cultures, and have memorable souvenirs.

  • Homeland appreciation:

             moving out of one’s homeland enhances a person’s positive attitude toward his/her country, especially when he/she goes to poor countries with limited resources.  Lack of electricity in an area, for example,  makes a person grateful to his country and to the services and privileges provided to him.

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