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Tourism: Morocco crosses 12 million arrivals in 2018

      After the 11 million arrivals in 2017, the tourism sector achieved a new performance in 2018. Last year, the number of arrivals  reached more than 12 million, according to the DG of the ONMT, Adil El Fakir. Current estimates are based on 12.3 million arrivals with an increase of 8%, he said Tuesday in Marrakech. Between 2000 and 2018, the sector achieved an annual growth of 6% in terms of arrivals, “which represents 2 points more than the global growth of the sector, thus placing Morocco as the 1st African destination and 30th in the world”, added the boss of the ONMT.

      A note on tourism statistics in Morocco for December 2018 stated that the main issuing markets highlighted an increase in terms of arrivals in 2018, particularly Italy and Germany (+ 15% and + 10% respectively), followed by France and Spain (+ 8% and + 6% respectively).

      At the same time, according to data from tourist accommodation professionals, the volume of overnight stays in classified establishments rose by 8% in December 2018 (+ 10% for non-resident tourists and + 4% for residents), the same source said, adding that destinations in Marrakech and Agadir posted increases of 15% and 6% in terms of overnight stays, followed by Tangier (8%) and Fez (4%).

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