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MOROCCO: The America Tourists’ Destination

Desert is among America destination

          According to a list compiled by “Squaremouth”, an online company that compares travel insurance products from all major American suppliers, the favorite destinations of US tourists are located in Africa and South America.

          Squaremouth ranked the Kingdom of Morocco  second by, which states in this respect that American travelers “flock to the country.”

Favourite destinations:

        Mainly, Marrakech and the Sahara desert of Merzouga are the most visited places in the kingdom. “Last year, the number of visitors increased by 72.81%,” wrote Lonely Planet, citing the company online. “It’s also a bit cheaper than its neighbor in North Africa (Egypt in this case, where the average trip for an American tourist can cost $ 3,673.32. It’s then an increase of 6.76% compared to a year ago, “adds the same source

Chefchaouen "the blue city"

Helping factors:

         Such increase in the number of American tourists to Morocco is thanks to many factors to name but a few; the economic growth of the country, the facilities provided by the Moroccan authorities in all domains. Add to this Safety, Beautiful landscapes, Geographical location, Cultural diversity of the country.

Chefchaouen “the Leading Tourist Destination to Discover”



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