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Bab-Mansour, Meknes



           Morocco has a distinct geographical location, in the middle of the world map. It is located in northwestern Africa and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Algeria to the east, and Mauritania to the south.

            Thanks to its  proximity to Europe, Morocco remains is a typical tourist destination for many tourists mainly from Spain, France, Germany, Great Britan; and from other countries worldwide such as: USA, Australia, China, japan …etc.  Morocco is well know of its diversity in terms of natural sitesthe country contain.

Here are the top 10 destinations that tourists should visit:

  • Marrakech City

           Marrakech is full of colors and rich in history. There you can do many things, just depending on how long you will be staying in the city. You can set a daily schedule to visit the most beautiful places to explore them.
It is a vibrant colorful city packed with visitors of different nationalities. In the city there is a mixture of ancient and modern cultures and an interplay between Eastern and Western cultures. “It is a half-traditional and half-western city! “
         There are many places and activities that you can do in Marrakech during your stay in Morocco, such as the Koutoubia Mosque, Ben Youssef School, the Saadian Tombs, Badi Palace and many other places you can visit and enjoy.

  • Casablanca city

        Casablanca is a large city with a population of 4 million. It is the economic and financial capital of Morocco. As one of Morocco’s largest cities, Casablanca is the place to learn about Morocco’s culture, history and people. It is also a great base in a central location for exploring the coast, with many of the major tourist attractions known as the Hassan II Mosque, which is the symbol of luxury in the city. It is a magnificent building designed in a complex geometrical form, with its construction built on carved marble, vibrant mosaics and the symbol of ancient Islamic civilization. It is indeed a wonderful place to not miss while visiting Morocco.

  • Fez City

         Along with Marrakech, Fez is the another destination in Morocco to discover ancient cultures, between the back alleys with cobblestone streets and the old doors that give you a wonderful opportunity to stop and take photos in every corner of this charming historic city. Tanneries  are one of the city’s most popular attractions in Fez, Morocco.

         Tangier is one of the most important cities of Morocco, a center for companies and banks. Due to its economic progress, it has also become a center of artistic cultures and has many theaters of arts, music, museums and other famous cultural associations, fascinating attractions including the historic casbah and the large market.

  • Chefchaouen City

        Chefchaouen has got a beautiful countryside, with a magnificent maze of blue buildings with its incredibly thin splendor. It is a peaceful and quiet city and an ideal place for relaxation. It is one of the tourist attractions worthing more than one day visit in Morocco.

  • Meknes City
             It’s an interesting tourist destination with many valuable attractions and amazing monuments, with some of the best collections of historical sites in Morocco, Just a short walk from each other and within the hassle-free old town and large tourist crowds that you may find in many neighboring cities.
           The Bab Mansour a magnificent gate, which has a stunning and unique design and decoration, as one of the magnificent archaeological sites in Meknes, which characterizes the entrance to the Old City through fortified walls.
  • Essaouira City

         Essaouira, a beautiful seaside village, is one of the most enchanting cities in Morocco. It is characterized by colorful fishing boats that magically sway over the water, with a host of fascinating historical attractions, making it a beautiful place to visit in Morocco.

  • Tetouan

           Unlike any other Moroccan city, Tetouan offers a unique perspective on the multicultural history of northern Morocco, and because of its relatively small size, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore many sights in a quiet and easy way compared to major cities like Fez and Marrakech.

  • Agadir City

         Agadir, a gem overlooking the Moroccan coast, is one of the most beautiful cities to visit when you are in Morocco, to enjoy the splendor of the streets, the palm-lined streets and the bright white buildings.

        Agadir is one of the best destinations in Morocco, where tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the beautiful beaches and 300 days of sunshine with the perfect atmosphere to enjoy all the year, making it a great base to explore some of Morocco’s great natural attractions.

  • Rabat City

        The official capital of Morocco is also full of beautiful touristic attructions and museumes. Tourism in Rabat takes you to a unique state of happiness, joy and diving in the details of ancient history and modern entertainment. Rabat is well known for these attructions: Bab Challah, Hassan Tower, Oudaya Kasbah, Royal palace …etc.


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