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More Than One Million Tourists Visited Agadir In 2018

Agadir beach

              The Capital of beach tourism in Morocco

           Agadir city, the capital of beach tourism, has reached the threshold of one million tourists in december 2017. It is the first time in the history of Agadir to attract one million and 30,000 tourists a year. The director considered that Agadir exceeded one million tourists as a qualitative leap in the history of tourism in the city. He claims that the city of Agadir achieved in 2017 five million and 300 thousand overnight stays.

Increase in the number of tourists

          According to sources from the regional delegation of tourism in the city, the number of tourists who visited the tourism institutions in Agadir in 2017 made an increase of about nine percent, compared with 2016.  Overnight stays increased by about 11 percent.

         The semi-official statistics show that the coastal city recorded a strong increase in the number of Moroccan tourists. The figures and statistics show a significant growth in the number of tourists. They mainly  from the traditional European markets such as France, Germany, England, USA, Spain.  Statistics also noticed a decline in the number of tourists coming from Russia and Austria; in addition to a decline in the number of Arab tourists too, especially Gulf countries such as Saudis.

         Most of the foreign markets have seen a significant rise this year, and in order the tourist markets supplying Agadir, the French tourists are the first. They constitute an increase of  14%  , followed by the German with 12% and English tourists with 9% compared with the statistics of 2017.

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