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Recommendations for an Effective Travel

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Recommendations  for an Effective Travel



Many people just go on vacation. Others, do more than just a trip, they LIVE the moments. Here are five ways for traveling differently and effectively.

1- Be open to meetings

Often when we travel, we are in a well defined area. Whether it’s a hotel, a resort or just the circle of a group travel, or friends; It is not necessarily natural to leave this framework. Yet a trip, a country can not be summed up in a geographical area. A country is also a population, a culture, people with whom you can interact. Just try to talk to the locals. This old man sitting next to you in this cafe may have a wonderful story to tell you about his city as he knows so well. Be open to human encounters.

2- Do not compare to your country

The best way to spoil the trip is to systematically compare everything to one’s own country. The food will be different, the temperature, transport, prices … it’s never better or worse, it’s just different. You have to accept these differences without comparing them, and your trip will be more pleasant.

3- Admire before photographing

One of the reflexes that has developed in some travelers in recent years is to photograph excessively and systematically everything they see. In front of them can find the most beautiful wonders of Mother Nature, they will not bother to watch this show before having immortalized in digital. And even when a rare bird lands on a branch a few inches above their head and risks starting again from one second to the next, they will prefer to capture it on their smartphone screen rather than just enjoying it. Try to look before you shoot.

4- Do not be rigid
Openness is like the flexibility of the body, it works! This opening goes through many parameters, but it is generally a philosophy to develop. Do not follow exactly the advice of your travel guide. Use it as a base, but also ask the opinion of the inhabitants of the city. From the moment the guide was printed to your visit, it took several months or even years, and the very fashionable restaurant described in the guide may have become very bad in the meantime. By asking a resident, he may tell you a really good new establishment that has just opened and is not even in your precious guide yet!

5- Use all your senses & live the moments
A trip is above all a sensory experience. When you walk in the streets of a city, when you walk in the aisles of a market, try to open your eyes wide, to feel all the smells, good and bad, remove the headphones of your mp3 player to listen to the noises around you. In the markets do not hesitate to taste the food they offer, buy some samples, you may be surprised at what you will feel like new flavors. Touch the stone walls of this alley, the bronze of this statue. Leave your five senses awake. That’s also traveling!

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