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20 Million tourists to visit Morocco by 2021

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20 Million tourists to visit Morocco by 2021


The  Moroccan Ministry of Tourism and  Air Transport has announced a request for proposals to complete a study to develop a program of action to revitalize the tourism sector in 2021 with the 3 million Dirhams. The Ministry is seeking through this study to refresh the sector in line with the principles of Vision 2020 goals which aims at reaching 20 million tourists annually.

The tourism sector in Morocco is very important. The Kingdom has received about 11.35 million tourists in 2017, an increase of 10 per cent compared to 2016. The sector contributes 7 per cent of the gross domestic product, employs 530,000 people directly and plays a role in balance Which account for about 20 per cent of exports of goods and services.

The Ministry of Tourism, which is supervised by Mohammed Sajid and Lamia Boutaleb, said the new study should incorporate the priorities announced in the 2017 government program.

The implementation plan should be executed within the framework of a consultation process that takes into account the proposals and priorities of the private sector and the Advanced regional project process.

Morocco has adopted its second sector strategy in the field of tourism in 2010 through “Vision 2020” with great ambition to be the country among the top 20 tourism destinations in the world and to make it a reference point for sustainable development in the Mediterranean. The sector witnessed positive indicators in 2017, despite a number of international difficulties in recent years.

The Ministry of Tourism acknowledges that although Morocco has been able to withstand the difficult economic and geopolitical contexts of the Euro-Mediterranean region, the achievements have been modest compared to the previously set goals. It therefore wants to promote the revitalization of the sector and support tourism investments through a proactive approach to create a new dynamic for Moroccan tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism aims to obtain a critical analysis of the whole situation of the sector, identify the main challenges, and then establish procedures and measures to achieve both the acceleration and the effectiveness of the sector.

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